February 9, 2015

valentine's| a toolbox of love

to all of the men-

teach your girls about tools, buy them a basic tool set, and spend time with them fixing simple things around the house. teach them how to change a tire, check oil in their car, and how to pull a trailer. show them how to use socket wrenches and vise grips and how to fix a leaky kitchen faucet...because one day they are going to need to fix those things on their own.  one day they are going to want to buy rocking chairs and tables and put them together for their front porch.  

teach them how to be patient, how to love, and how to not be afraid of solving a problem in their home. teach them to be strong. teach them to be independent. teach them that you're just a phone call away and will always be there to help.

and for those men that are no longer with their girls here on this earth, find someone to take care of her that will teach her about life. life is more than raising babies and keeping house. it's about experiencing, living, and growing and becoming a well-balanced woman in the home. it's about taking pictures in pink tool belts and being proud that you built something with your own hands.  it's about celebrating with ice cream and moments of sitting in those rocking chairs just being thankful for this life you've been given.

so men...just remember that love isn't all about fancy dinners, flowers, or chocolate hearts. love is about being together and sharing memories together.  some days that's out and about but most days it's in the comfort of our homes.  but...wherever it is, show her that you care and teach her that it's okay to do life with pink  polished nails and baseball caps. it's okay to grab a hammer and miss couple of times.  it's okay to try something new and fail...because one time you were like that too. be patient, have fun, and love until it's done. that's when you know you have true love.

happy valentine's day!
(or week)