February 12, 2015

birthday boy.

This stud has a birthday today...he happens to be my husband...and it's the first time we have ever celebrated his birthday together.  We started off with a big breakfast of sausage, eggs, and biscuits and I already gave him his birthday gift, a SURPRISE trip to the North Carolina Outer Banks.

I'm leaving the rest of the cookin' today to his mamma.  Chocolate pies, steak, and every butter-laden southern vegetable you can think about. Oh...and did I say chocolate pie?

I might make a batch of homemade southern banana pudding, but we're on a diet, or at least trying to cut the sugar out of our lives for a little bit.  BUT, calories don't count on your birthday, or your birthday week, or your birthday month...so let's be real, it will probably happen.

Feel free to wish him happy birthday on any of his social media outlets or in the comments below (especially since he secretly reads this blog). I promise you...the boy would be elated.

instagram- @peytonholland

So... to my husband, best friend, and the man that's not afraid to let a little goofiness bring out a smile in everyone.  Happy Birthday...I love you!