January 26, 2015

tuesday thoughts.

Heeeeeyyyy Tuesday pretending to be a Monday...I don't really know how I feel about you.

I've been in a blogging rut lately and can't seem to find my way out...but my mind has been all over the place and is dying to spend some time here.

So today seems like a good day for some Tuesday thoughts.
+ my family had to put down our sweet Obi last week due to an incurable illness that was impacting him daily.  Lots of tears were shed, but he got extra snuggles and cuddles in his last days.

+ well, that first item was a downer...moving on.

+ I'm drinking a grape juice box... just in case you were wondering.

+ I have really been thinking about what my passion in life is.  I've concluded...I don't really know anymore.  It's time to figure that out again.

+ we finally cut the Christmas tree down and took it out of the Holland National Forest house. So sad to see it go, so glad to have that space in the living room again.

+ it was 64 degrees here yesterday and is shaping up to be that way again today.  We got the yard cleaned up which is such a relief!

+ did I mention I was in a blogging rut?

+ my pants are fitting a bit more snug these days and the urge to workout has decreased while my urge to eat has increased.  Houston...we have a problem.

+ I have a special birthday trip planned for Peyton and cannot wait until we can go.  Best part is...he has NO idea where we are going.

+ I am getting a hair cut this week. Hallelujah!

+ I am getting pretty good at frying chicken.  So, that pretty much makes me Paula Dean. If anything, at least I have improved from this time in the kitchen.

+ does anyone else just want to sit around and watch Netflix all day? Or is it just me?

+ we are trying to save some money this month, so there hasn't been much extra spending. in other words, that means fewer trips to Target.

+ I managed to get a flat tire on my father-law's gator this weekend. thankfully I'm family now and he pretty much loves me. so, naturally, we'll just blame it on my husband.

+ maybe I'm not in much of a blogging rut as I thought I was...this is getting to be a pretty long list. 

+ and....my juice box just ran out.

+ on that note, I think that's it. 

Have a great week y'all!