December 8, 2014

recipe: nutella hot chocolate

I think my husband is on to something.  He has had some serious cravings for a good glass of hot chocolate (I do too...but I think that chocolate is a constant craving), so I decided to go on the hunt for the PERFECT hot chocolate recipe.  The packets just don't do it for please let me introduce you to the best hot chocolate recipe I have found to date.

Nutella Hot Chocolate

You heard me. Nutella. The hazelnut chocolatey goodness from sweet heaven above.  
As I was scrolling through one of my favorite blogs (A Beautiful Mess), I stumbled upon their recipe for Nutella Hot Chocolate and decided that it was definitely worth spending my evening cooking over the stovetop in my cute little apron. Some may say I was looking like a southern domesticated housewife, others may disagree with that statement. It's almost just use your imagination and pretend with me for a second.

I started using this recipe and determined that it definitely wasn't enough for the two of us, so I doubled it.  Below is the original recipe:

1 1/2 cups milk
1/4 cup Nutella
1/8 teaspoon cinnamon
dash of sea salt
whipped cream

Warm milk on stove-top (don't let it boil, just warm slowly). Once warm, add your Nutella and whisk it in until completely dissolved. Add cinnamon and salt, garnish with LOTS of whipped cream. Enjoy!

A big thank-you goes out to A Beautiful Mess for an awesome recipe that makes for a very happy husband.  I am finally starting to get a hang of this cooking thing. Read about my other successes and failures in the kitchen here.