November 7, 2014

high five for friday.

Hallelujah! It's FRIDAY!

So far...we have had a pretty awesome week.  I haven't had too many fails in the kitchen, we have eaten half a pack of double-stuf oreos, and we are excited for our weekend at home.  Here's the top five from this past week.

|one & two| We celebrated "Hollandween" at our house instead of the standard "Halloween". Peyton and I met up at the State Farmer's Market Restaurant in Raleigh for lunch, then walked over and picked out a pumpkin. When Peyton was growing up, his family had a huge pumpkin patch and sold pumpkins to people in the community. His family no longer grows pumpkins, but the love of Halloween is still in their, naturally, we had to pick the biggest pumpkin we could find.  Drum roll please....let me introduce to you to our 80 pound pumpkin!! We also carved out a little one from my family's feed store...he's definitely my favorite!
|three| Last week my little sister competed in the Nursery/ Landscape Career Development at the 87th National FFA Convention. She and her team had several different tasks/skills to complete and she did well in every single one of them!  Her team placed 2nd in the nation and she was the 3rd high scoring individual.  She sent my family this picture on an early morning of her competition.  My mom and I both agreed that neither of us were out of bed and she was completely dressed with makeup and hair done. At least we know she is a motivated teenager!
|four| Oh you know...just recording a video in our living room for a SkillsUSA Dancing with the Stars event. Let's just state the facts: it was midnight, I was in my pajamas, he was looking so handsome in a suit. I promise you...we do this for the kids.
|five| My mom and I took a brush-lettering class at Gather and realized that it is much harder than it actually looks.  We really struggled with it, but I have been doing some practicing and came up with this.  It's not perfect, but it's a start!!
Hope you had a great week!