October 1, 2014

sweet scents.

I have never been one to buy perfumes or wear them regularly.  I wish I did...but I am just really bad at remembering to put them on. Heck, some mornings I forget to put in my contacts or put deodorant on. (I write about real life here...and that stuff happens more than I care to mention. Anyone else with me?) So, when it comes time to remember to put perfume on...forget about it. It's not a priority for me. Plus, I never feel like they last the entire day on me, so what's the point? 


Before I got married, I remembered reading a post on The Small Things Blog about scent being closely tied to memory. If you didn't take the chance to go read her post, let me given you a quick synopsis of what it was about.  She ended up buying a new perfume, wearing it on her wedding day, the honeymoon, and for a few weeks after, then stopped wearing it. Now, she pulls it out on special date nights, etc. to remind her of those sweet moments in her life.  I really liked the idea and was in the market for a new perfume, so I decided to take a chance...and I immediately jumped into the search for a new scent.  

I'm not one to drop a hundred bucks on something that I probably won't ever wear to begin with...so I looked for something under fifty dollars.  After many trips to Ulta and Sephora...I finally settled on Vera Wang's Pink Princess.
Here lately, I have really enjoyed floral scents. I have always loved fresh flowers, so Pink Princess had fragrances of Pink Hibiscus creamy honeysuckle to help fill that joy in my life. It was strong enough to last through my entire day...but light enough to provide a little freshness to my big day. I haven't used it in about a month, but I can't wait to pull it out for some special date nights and holidays this fall. 

Do you have a perfume that you absolutely love?  If so, I would love to know what it is!

Another 101 in 1001 goal completed:

10. Find a perfume that represents me  DONE! (7/26/14)

Pictures by Tiffani Evans Photo