October 29, 2014

picnics in the orchard + and windblown hair.

When people say that time starts flying when you get older...it's true.  Just believe them because I kind of want to put the brakes on life for just 2 seconds. Is that too much to ask?  I was curious to see the last time I posted to this little space...and saw it was October 14. Only two weeks ago...pssshh. that's nothing. I'm good, we've kinda moved, and life is a little crazy, but I guess it's about time I tell you what's going on before we gotta shake the dust off this little blog.

Let's just begin by saying how incredibly proud of my husband.  Peyton was nominated and accepted as a fellow in the William C. Friday Fellowship for Human Relations. I had never heard of the fellowship until I started proof-reading some of his application (scary... considering grammar sometimes is and isn't a priority on this blog) and realized that it is quite an honor to be part of. I could tell you their mission statement and all...but, in my eyes it is:

a group of leaders that love to engage and solve North Carolina's most pressing issues.

There you have it. Smart people doing smart things...solving tough problems.  Anyways, they had a retreat this weekend in the mountains of North Carolina and I was lucky enough to attend a banquet they had for families.  Once again...smart people talking about smart things at dinner...and man was I lost. But, alas, dinner was fantastic,we had fun, and I got to spend the night in Charlotte. 

Then...I had to leave him with the smart people to go to the mountains with no cell service and no Internet...an already long weekend turned into an even longer weekend. But, let's remember, it's for the betterment of North Carolina and it's people. It was good and he had fun...and that's all that matters. Moving on...

In the midst of his travels, I planned a special time for he and I on Sunday.  I had our beloved picnic basket in the front seat of the car with a sweet note detailing our afternoon.  I packed and planned a surprise picnic in the orchard at the Orchard at Altapass to celebrate 3 months of being married.

Gag. I know that's what you are thinking. But, I love this boy. There's your answer to that.
After not seeing or talking to this boy for about 4 days, it was so nice to sit on a blanket in the orchard, eat lunch, listen to music, and overlook the beautiful mountains. We laughed and enjoyed our time together, something we so desperately needed. It was the last open day of the orchard before they closed for the season and they went all out!  There was live music, sweet people dancing, and hot apple pie with ice cream.  It was a wonderful way to make it finally feel like fall here in North Carolina.
Oh, and apparently we have a new nickname for my husband...let me introduce "King Luscious".
I digress.

We did some leaf-lookin on the Blue Ridge Parkway and decided to stop at Grandfather Mountain to cross the bridge.  Peyton crossed it as a small child and I have always wanted to...so we decided to take the chance and do it together. It was super windy that day (if you can't tell by my hair!!), so I was nervous to cross the mile high bridge. Alright people...it wasn't bad at all!  Apparently, the bridge once had wooden boards and rope...but now its metal and feels much safer.  Even though I didn't get the "true and original" experience, it was still fun.
So. The long weekend that turned into an even longer weekend wasn't too terrible after all. Leaving "King Luscious" with the smart people talking about smart things, and solving tough problems wasn't the best for me, but he enjoyed himself immensely and started forming great relationships with his fellows group.  We ate good food, spent time together and loved on each other every chance we got.  That's what life is about, so go love on someone today.

Oh, and try the windblown hair look. It's the best.