September 24, 2014

camp life.

People...if you haven't realized it yet, let me tell you.

Life is Good.
There are so many things in this world that I am so thankful for and spending a weekend at Camp Dixie this past weekend with my husband was the best decision I had made in a looonng time.  Last week was a crazy one and I am so glad that it's over.  I flew to Las Vegas for a work trip, Peyton worked crazy late night hours on our log home so we could pass final inspection, and the thoughts of sugar plums and fairies moving trucks and boxes danced in our heads.  Our hardwood floors are getting their final coats of sealant on them and the moving process could begin as early as this weekend.  It has been a long road coming...but it's finally here and we couldn't be more excited.

In the midst of all that craziness, Peyton was in the final stages of planning for North Carolina SkillsUSA's annual State Leadership Workshop at Camp Dixie. When Peyton and I met five years ago, he talked so highly of it...but being a girl that bleeds the FFA blue and gold, I was a bit skeptical of it.  I had created so many memories as an FFA member and state officer at FFA Camp that I thought nothing could ever compare. What could be better than White Lake in our hot humid North Carolina summers?

During those five years, I happened to drive past Camp Dixie a couple hundred times. Many trips were to drive down to FFA Camp or to the school where my first teaching job was. Every time I passed the camp, I would think about Peyton and how he was doing...just never got the guts to call.   

Five years later, I finally married the man and got to experience his beloved leadership workshop at Camp Dixie this weekend. And let me tell was the best.

Career and Technical Education student organizations are a common thread in our relationship.  We are both passionate about working with students and developing their potential to become future leaders in their industries.  We love hyping them up and reflecting real life opportunities with them. Eating meals with students and reminiscing the good ole' days with advisors brings happiness to our lives. Getting married and doing this together makes this life worth living even better.

My roots are still with the blue corduroy...but the red blazer is starting to win a little piece of my heart everyday..and surprisingly, I'm okay with that.  Seeing students achieve and grow together as a family makes my heart happy and doing all of that with my husband makes life that much better.

Life is Good. Anyone else agree with me?