August 27, 2014

our wedding: the groomsmen.

It's finally time for you to meet our groomsmen! This should be an interesting post because I met three of the six groomsmen the night before the wedding.  It took me no time to write about my bridesmaids because they are all of my best girlfriends...but my my impression of these groomsmen has the potential to be sweet and slightly funny, so get ready!
First and foremost...let me say that he has some of the BEST friends.  Such sweet sweet gentlemen.

Peyton's Best Man was his childhood (and still) best friend Bobby. I met Bobby five years ago when Peyton and I first met. The three of us went geocaching together and had so much fun getting to know each other.  Bobby and I got our fair share of poison ivy and shared many laughs at with Peyton. These two share such a serious friendship (as you can see below) and are truly best friends.  Bobby is married to a sweet girl named Sarah and I cannot wait to spend more time with them as a couple.  
Ohh Andy.  Where do I even begin with my new brother-in-law?  Andy has always been so sweet to me, but don't let that nice smile fool you. I have learned in these past few months that Andy is nothing more than a big kid with a big heart.  He is married to my wonderful sister-in-law and has two daughters that are just a couple years older than me. Andy always finds a way to pick on me...but what brother doesn't?!?
Which now leads me to my brother...this boy fit every single one of my bridesmaids in my parent's Toyota Prius and chauffeured them around the venue grounds.  He also took selfies with each bridesmaid, but none of the groomsmen. Hmmm...ladies, he's obviously single and on the market. If you want his number just let me know! (and I will send you an application)
I was able to meet Parker a couple of weeks before the wedding and I am so glad that I was able to.  Parker and his wife are currently living in Georgia and so kindly drove their way up here to be part of our big day.  Parker and Peyton were travel buddies when they were living in France.  Listening to their stories about riding camels, holding monkies, and getting lost in Europe scare and make me laugh all at the same time.  It's apparent that I can't leave these two alone without them getting into some sort of adventure.  
You know how a lot of people comment on the sweetness of southern gentlemen?  Even though Nico is from France, he could seriously pass as a southern gentleman. Nico and his wife were so willing to help us with everything. He and his wife are from California and flew all the way to North Carolina just for us. It was such a blessing to meet them and to have them in our lives. We can't wait to fly out and visit them!
This picture ranks close the top as one of my favorites from the entire wedding.  I just love how natural the relationship between Peyton and Dox is. I was able to meet Dox, his wife, and daughter the day before the wedding and everything that I had ever heard about them was so true.  Peyton and Dox met in SkillsUSA and have such a great "brotherly" relationship. Dox and his wife Emily are such great role models as to how love should be and it was just so special to watch them interact the day before we got married. This wonderful family traveled all the way from New York to celebrate our special day and I am so glad that they are now part of my life too!
Last but not least, is Peyton's friend CJ.  CJ wasn't one of our groomsmen, but he was one of our officiants!  CJ lives in Florida and has always been a great friend to Peyton.  Five years ago, Peyton and I picked CJ from the airport (he was a pilot at the time) and saw Zac Brown Band in concert.  So, I have been lucky enough to know this man for quite some time.  I am so glad that he was able to help officiate our was so special to have him here!
And that sums up our bridal party...

After being in a couple of weddings myself, I am so grateful for the people that chose to stand by our sides on our wedding day.  So much time, money, and effort went into being there for us and it really meant the world.  We only wish we could have spent some more time together!  
Up next...the First Look!

suits: Men's Wearhouse
photos by: Tiffani Evans Photo