August 20, 2014

our wedding: the flowers.

Let me let you in on a little secret...

I never dreamed of having a wedding.

You heard it...the secret is out.  I never dreamed of getting married.  Don't believe me, just ask my best friend Hannah.  She'll tell you.  As a little girl I thought boys had cooties and I wanted nothing to do with them. All I wanted to do was become a veterinarian and take care of livestock.  It was simple and easy concept, and at that time, nothing was going to sway my mind.

As I got older, things started to change.  In college, I binge-watched Say Yes to the Dress and started pinning hundreds of wedding ideas to Pinterest. At some point in my high school/college career, I realized that I loved people, but more specifically, I really wanted to love one man and hoped he would love me back. I wanted a God-centered marriage...for me it was never about the wedding, it was what happened after.  

And that's when I met Peyton Holland.  The first true love of my life. If you are new here (or just want a refresher) and want to read all about this husband of mine...feel free to read herehere, and here. Peyton and I both love people and know lots of them, but for us, it was more important to focus on us and our marriage.  The rest of our lives wouldn't be about this big party we had to celebrate, but about the vows and the commitment we made to each other.  I firmly believe that's how we were both so calm throughout wedding planning process and the actual day.
|photo by Tiffani Evans Photo|
Anyways, our love is shared through a couple of different bonds.  
+ a hanging basket
+ our love for Career and Technical Education
+ and a sense of adventure

Once he proposed, I said yes, and the wedding planning began, there was one thing I knew I was sure of.  I wanted to do my own flowers.  

I was blessed enough to attend a high school that has a award winning horticulture program. As part of this program, my sister and I have had the opportunity to work with flowers and experiment with elements of floral design.  It is one of the most beautiful aspects of agriculture, so I knew that fresh flowers were a must for our wedding.

I chose four varieties of flowers to work with:
+ sunflowers
+ delphiniums
+ baby's breath
+ chrysanthemums (just for the boutonnieres'

Sunflowers just beamed with happiness, blue delphiniums made Peyton's blue eyes twinkle, and the baby's breath added a touch of elegant class. I only took the Friday off before the wedding, so my mom and sister helped me with the bouquets and boutonnieres' on Thursday evening. We all have experience working with flowers and love working together on them.

Here are the boutonnieres' (Peyton's on left, groomsmen on right). The bridesmaids' bouquets were simply five stems of sunflowers wrapped in burlap.  
|photo by Tiffani Evans Photo|
The one thing that I was most excited about was my bridal bouquet.  Most girls dream of their wedding dress, but for me it was my bouquet.  I knew what I wanted and had a very clear vision of it in my it took no time for me to make it.  I was going to follow suit with the bridesmaid bouquets and wrap mine in burlap, but then I found a piece of lace that just made it so feminine, classic, and unique.  I am still in love and wish I could have preserved the colors and scent of it forever. 

Our wedding flowers were just one way that our personalities were reflected on our beautiful day.  Happiness and joy radiated from both of our faces and the smiles of our families.  It just comes to show how a little color, a lot of love, and bundles of sunflowers can make any day, a brighter day...especially our wedding day! 
|photo by Tiffani Evans Photo|