August 25, 2014

our wedding: the bridesmaids

Our bridesmaids and groomsmen were seriously the best.  They traveled from near and far and were some of the best help we have ever had.  Peyton and I just wish that we could have spent more time with them!!  Since Peyton and I were only engaged two months and dated for about two months prior to getting engaged, we didn't know each other's friends that well. We each knew a handful of them from because we had known each other for five years, but as we grew and changed during those five years, so did our friends.
Bridesmaids with sunflowers

Without further ado, let me introduce to you the six bridesmaids that stood by my side!

My maid of honor was my sister Katherine.  Thank goodness the Lord blessed me with a sister, because I think if I would have had to choose a girlfriend to be my maid of honor, I would have had one.  Girls get jealous over that stuff...and let me tell you...I ain't got time for all that drama. My sister is still in high school, so this was the first wedding she stood up in.  She did an awesome job juggling maid of honor duties and musician duties (she plays violin and had her string quartet play for us!)
Katherine Miller
I knew my roommate Danielle had to be one of my bridesmaids. Danielle and I met teaching at St. Pauls High School in Robeson County and we clung to each other.  We talked every morning, brought each other breakfast and coffee, and eventually started spending time together outside of school.  At the time, we were both new to the area and didn't have any local friends.  After I accepted my position at Cheminova, she was offered a job to teach and coach in the area.  We decided to be roommates and it was one of the best years of my life. Words can't even describe how much I loved living with her and her sweet dog Tyson.  
Danielle Moore
Hannah and I have been best friends since we were little girls. She still lives in Michigan, so we only get to see each other maybe once a year.  We went to elementary and middle school together and spent every second we could together.  Remember those times when you would beg your momma to spend the night at you best friend's house several nights in a row? Yeaah...that was us.  We would spend so much time together that we would get sick of each other, yet, we were inseparable. She is definitely one of those gals where we can go months without talking and pick back up right where we left off.  I just love friends like that!
Hannah Goers
Genia started working at my family's feed store about two years ago, so naturally, we became close friends when we worked at the store together on Saturdays. The agriculture industry is mostly men, so it is extremely refreshing to find women that love it just as much as my mom, sister, and I do. When Peyton and I started dating, Genia always wanted the latest scoop. She looks a lot like my sister and I, so everyone always asks if we are siblings.  I would definitely claim her as a sister if I could!
Genia Plummer
Lauren and I met when we students at North Carolina State University.  Lauren had moved from Louisiana and was working on her Master's Degree while I was finishing my bachelor's. Someone in our department had asked me to show her around, so we became close friends and started going to football games, carpooling in the mornings, and walking together.  I helped introduce Lauren to her husband Alex and was lucky enough to be able to be a bridesmaid in her wedding!! Even though she lives in Louisiana, we still make time and keep up with each other through our blogs.  Check hers out here!
Lauren Edwards
Last but not least is one of my best friends, Olivia.  Olivia and I met in the FFA and continued our friendship in college.  We were both studied Agriculture Education and spent most of our time together.  She lived in the dorms that I was an RA in and was in most of my classes.  We probably ate way too many Starburst jelly beans, watched too much TV, and became pros at taking naps. Every year, I get a Christmas tree from her family's Christmas tree farm...and plan on taking Peyton this year to start our own family tradition!  You can read all about it here!
Olivia Watson

I am so blessed to have had these six wonderful girls stand by my side.  Each one of them has been by my side in good times and in bad, and has really proven to me what true friendship is. The night before the wedding, several of them came over and stayed the night.  We had so much fun watching Bridesmaids and chatting about life. The morning of the wedding, we sat around in our pajamas eating french toast and drinking coffee. Doing hair and makeup and watching them put on their dresses was so much fun. Definitely moments I will never forget!

Dresses: Ann Taylor
Photos: Tiffani Evans Photo