July 9, 2014

it's hump day. so I can write whatever I want.

I wanted to write something today...but writing paragraphs and complete sentences didn't seem appealing to me, so you get a list. I write this blog, so I get to make my own rules.


+ Y'all, I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am that in 17 days, 1 hour, and 55 minutes Peyton and I get to be husband and wife (not that I am counting or anything).

+ Anyways, life has been kind of busy planning a wedding, finishing our home, and working our day to day jobs. Our typical date nights are going to Lowe's and getting ice cream afterwards or watching the sun set over the pond.  I love our special nights together, even though most people would not consider these times a real date.

+ My parents, sister, Peyton, and I put polyurethane on just about every inch of our home this weekend. My brother also came to help and declared himself the quality control supervisor. Typical. Moving on...sun-up to sun-down we smelled and saw nothing but a can of polyurethane and a paint brush.  Let me tell you, this house WILL GET FINISHED.

+This happened this past week. I raided the shelves of Sam's Club for fancy plastic plates and cutlery for the wedding.  Oh, and I bought a package of strawberries. That wasn't for the wedding. It was just $5 more...and in the grand scheme of this whole wedding and house building, $5 ain't nothing. 
+ We sent out invitations...a couple weeks ago.  I forgot to tell y'all. Oops. Life caught up with me. Still, I am just showing you the envelopes. Some things in life are just private...ya' know? I can't show you all my secrets...

+ My sister's Nursery/Landscape team placed 1st in the state, so they are on their way in October to compete at the National FFA Convention in Louisville! She was the high scoring individual for the event. Let me tell you, she is one smart cookie.  I obviously missed out on them Smartie pants. I just eat Smarties like they are going out of style and watch them make my pants fit tighter.
+ I've ran out of things to talk about. So, you just get a funny picture. Until next time...(yeah...I really really don't know what else to say.)