July 25, 2014

high five for friday!

1. I get to marry this handsome man tomorrow. 
2. and I am SO excited that I get to be his wife. 
3. Let's be real...you probably won't hear from me for days or maybe a month. BUT, I am highlighting a pretty special lady on the blog next week when I am on my honeymoon, so please stop by and check her out.

4. Speaking of the honeymoon, we have rented a beautiful log cabin and are so ready to get some much needed rest and time together. After we come back...there ain't nothing on our mind but our beautiful log home.  Our plan is to have it finished this month!

5. I am always up for some marriage advice or funny wedding stories...feel free to leave us a little something in the comments or on facebook!

6. (I write this blog and am getting married, so I need a #6 on this high five for friday.) 
I am SO IN LOVE with our pictures taken by the lovely Tiffani of  Tiffani Evans Photo. I cannot stop looking at them.  She highlighted us on her blog yesterday.  Check it out here to see more of our engagement pictures! 

Thank you for sharing in our excitement...we are so ready to be husband and wife! #happilyeverholland