July 29, 2014

Guest: Meet The Alisha Nicole!

Yes, I am still on my honeymoon with the love of my life

No, I am not blogging on my honeymoon...but the awesome "schedule" button is for me!

Now that you know I am still loving on my new husband, I thought I would do something out of the ordinary and introduce you to a lady that deserves a little recognition.

When I moved to Raleigh to take a job offer with Cheminova, I knew I needed to develop a circle of friends, especially girlfriends.  Even though I grew up outside of Raleigh, I had grown up quite a bit and needed some friends that would uplift me and make this place feel a little more like home. I had always loved blogging and saw that there was a group of North Carolina bloggers that met up in Raleigh a few times a year.  At the meet-ups, I got to meet some of the best ladies and learned to love blogging even more.  

At our last meet-up in March, we did this really fun thing in which we exchanged ways we could help other bloggers.  I got paired up with Alisha from The Alisha Nicole and we exchanged ways to help each other's blogs. Alisha gave me a free month of Ad Space on her blog and I offered to write a post about her!
So, several months later, I finally have some time to tell you about this sweet girl!

Alisha is extremely passionate about music, food, her fur child Porkchop, and helping other creatives pursue their dreams.  She is a lifestyle blogger, jewelry designer and business consultant for creatives. Her blog posts include anything about life, inspiration to uplift your spirits, and small business owner tips.  Take some time to check out her blog...it is really quite a treat!

These are some of my favorite recent posts!

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Go give her a little love...she would greatly appreciate it!