June 11, 2014

let's talk bachelorette parties.

I have been engaged for about a month and wedding planning has been in full swing, especially since our wedding is just a mere 45 days away!!  Anyways, considering all things in my life seem to revolve around this wedding, I wanted to take a few seconds to discuss something: 

the bachelorette party.

This is something that has been on my heart lately...probably because I have had several people ask if I wanted one. I have always known that I didn't want one...ever since I knew they were a thing for newly-engaged women my age.

There is something about a bachelorette party that just gets to me.  I love a good get-together with girlfriends, but what bachelorette parties have become today are really disrespectful to our future husbands. We celebrated most our lives as single ladies...what makes that weekend any different from every other weekend we spent as single women? 

Many bachelorette parties have turned into weekends of drunken nights flirting with random men in bars and staying out late in places we probably shouldn't be. I don't understand how all of these things allow us to be respectable women of God and honorable women for our future husbands.  

I am about to get married to the man of my dreams...why would I ever put him in a situation where he is questioning my where I am, what is going on, and how late I would be out. Yes, it is important that we have our girlfriends and sisters by our sides, but as a future bride, it is so important that we respect the man that we are going to marry.

When your future husband got down on one knee and asked you to marry him...he wanted you to be his wife. He wanted you by his side for the rest of his life; he wanted you to love, respect, and honor him.

So ladies, when considering a bachelorette party, think about ways that you can honor your husband during this period of engagement.  There are so many respectful things that you can be doing with your girlfriends.  When I think back to some of my favorite moments with girlfriends, it didn't involve drinks and bars or inappropriate places.  Some of my favorite memories have involved late night ice cream cones, re-runs of Friends and Boy Meets World, and even running a couple 5Ks. A bachelorette party doesn't have to involve an entire weekend...it can be a night of painting, a corn maze, a game, or an afternoon shopping.  It can be getting your nails done or doing dinner at a fun restaurant.  There are so many fun things for women to do together.
There won't be any crazy bachelorette parties happening here, but the night before the wedding will be a fun night spent with my bridesmaids in the comfort of my home. Late night chick flicks, pans of brownies, and laughs with girlfriends will be the best way to spend my last few hours as Ms. Miller before becoming Mrs. Holland.

What are your thoughts on bachelor/bachelorette parties?