June 26, 2014

bridal shower.

Y'all. This week. It's draaaaggggiinng. Most of that statement probably has to do with the fact that Peyton has been on the road for the past six days and is still gone for another four. We both love what we do, but this week has really tested my patience.  He and I are not in a long distance relationship, so we see each other almost every night during a normal work week. But, then comes this thing called work travel that we both have...and it takes our precious time away from each other.

We both LOVE traveling.  Love is probably an understatement.  We love seeing new things, going on adventures, meeting new people, and experiencing new cultures.  It's something we are passionate about and cannot wait to travel more as husband and wife. Travel for both of our careers is fun and exciting...it energizes us and makes us even more passionate about what we do, but, it takes us away from each other.  That right there folks...is the kicker.

Hats off to all of the folks in long distance relationships and to the men and women in the military.  You deserve a standing ovation...even if it is just me standing there and clapping. This being away from the person you love is for. the. birds.

Anyways, this weekend was a such a special weekend in regards to our upcoming wedding. My Mom, sister Katherine, and friend Genia hosted a bridal shower for Peyton and I and we had so much fun!

Let me start off by saying that there is just something about how a white dress makes a woman feel. It's just that clean crisp feeling we get as soon as we put one on...it goes with everything and looks super cute on just about everyone.  Even on pasty white girls like myself.

Back to the real story...Genia and my Mom and one of the guys at our feed store helped make these super cute signs for the roads.  Our home can be kind of hard to find, so it was such a lovely addition.  Peyton and I cannot wait to use them for the wedding. 
While we were out taking some pictures, guests started arriving and it was time to start the party! The house was decorated beautifully... and my mom had prepared fruit salad, chicken salad croissants, and cheesecake for a light lunch. My daddy and brother did a wonderful job of moving furniture and setting things up.  They obviously had other plans when the sea of estrogen showed up at the house!
It was so nice to socialize with girlfriends from near and far during lunch. Several of the girls wanted to hear the proposal story and hear about all the plans that we had made for the upcoming wedding in July.  Lots of laughs and joy were present and are some moments that I will never forget.  I do wish many of these girls would have had the opportunity to meet Peyton, but there is no doubt that they will in the near future!

We received so many wonderful gifts from family and friends. It was a complete surprise to see gifts from friends and family in Michigan...what a special treat to hear from them! Many of the gifts we received were for our kitchen; these ladies must think I am an awesome cook. Oh how wrong they are...but at least I will look cute in the kitchen!
Such a beautiful day and wonderful way to get the wedding festivities kicked off! So much love and many thanks for all the wonderful people in our lives.  We are truly blessed!

P.S. In 30 days, I will have a husband, another momma and daddy, and another brother and sister. I am so excited to be part of the Holland Family!