June 18, 2014

birthday girl!

I happened to get a year older last Thursday.

I turned 24 and it is probably the best birthday I have ever had.  

I have really never been into celebrating birthdays, but lately, I have realized how important they really are. Every day, we are blessed with the opportunity to live on this earth and make a difference in the lives of others.  We have another chance to make someone happy, another chance to be the best that we can be.

My day started off with a text from my daddy and a wonderful call with my momma on my way to work.  We caught up, talked some wedding stuff, and laughed about life.  It was a beautiful sunny morning, so in the middle of my call, I pulled down my sun-visor and a sweet card from my fiance' fell out. Needless to say...I was completely surprised and loved the card.  Hoops and Yo-Yo cards from Hallmark are my all time fave. Actually, I love just about everything in Hallmark....that's probably why I am a gold member...moving on.
I came into work and saw my cubicle, completely decked out by my friend and co-worker Amanda.  Work is so much more fun when you have balloons and a big party sign! I had some candy from Amanda and a wonderful gift from another co-worker and friend named Karen. A couple ladies decided to have a pot-luck at work which was a huge hit! We had meatballs, BBQ, salads, cakes, brownies...and the list just goes on.  I contributed a key-lime pie just so I could partake in all of the wonderful homemade goodness. All of my co-workers sat around our conference table and talked about life. Office bonding is extremely important to me and it was so nice to be able to have it on my birthday.
Throughout the day, I found all sorts of little notes from my fiance'. He is just so sneaky....and knows exactly how to put the biggest smile on my face.  I am not super emotional, but the big smile is a pretty good indicator of how I am feeling.
I patiently waited until about 2:30pm when I left work a little early to head down to Chatham County to do something that is very important to my future.  I love celebrating huge milestones on my birthday.  For example, I graduated high school on my birthday back in 2008.  For my birthday in 2014(this year!), we went to the Register of Deeds to get our marriage license!  It was such an exciting moment for both of us and so special to celebrate on my birthday!
After getting our marriage license, we walked through downtown Pittsboro.  We stopped at our friend's new dance studio.  Jenna went to East Carolina to be a dance instructor and is now opening her own studio and program called 7 Dance Centre.  We are so excited for her!  After catching up with her, we walked down two buildings to S & T's Soda Shoppe, where we caught up with her husband TJ.  We were so excited to tell both of them about our engagement. I met both of them at the beginning of our relationship five years ago.  

Peyton and I were going to eat supper alone, but my mom called and asked where we were, so we had my mom, dad, and sister join us for supper and ice cream!  I really like living close to my family as well as his family. Family is so important to both of us and I have really been soaking up every moment I can spend with them.

Dairy really hates me, but I love dairy...and calories don't count on your birthday so I ate the famous S & T's Soda Shoppe banana split. I did have a couple of helpers, but I do have to say I was a major fat kid for a few minutes. We put that lovely thing away in less than 10 minutes.
After supper, I spent some time with Peyton's family.  His momma had bought a chocolate cake for us to eat (which had the best frosting ever!).  She even got a 24 candle for me to blow out.  It was such a fun and special moment with them. Her and Peyton had asked me multiple times what I wanted for my birthday. After thinking about it, all I wanted was to get our marriage license and have his mother put together some of the recipes that we have every evening for supper.  When we get married, I want to be able to cook some of my favorites, some new ones, and some of his momma's.  His mother and father got me a 3 quart casserole dish and carrier as well as a recipe book.  She and I are going to start cooking together so I can learn and write down the recipes as she cooks supper each evening.  I really can't wait to spend that time learning from my other future momma. She is an amazing southern woman.

Later that evening, Peyton gave me a new Willow Tree figurine that means "Promise".  The figurine is of a couple that looks like they are kissing from one angle and dancing from another. It is a really special piece that I cannot wait to put on our mantle near our wedding and engagement pictures.  The Willow Tree figurines are something that I really love...each one has it's own special meaning that warms my heart with joy every time I look at them. 

So, twenty-four...I think you and I are going to like each other. Thank you for all the birthday wishes, cards, and emails!  I loved them all!