May 30, 2014

the blog baton!

Today you can find me holding The Blog Baton on Instagram! Check out and see all the adventures I am getting into today! Follow @TheBlogBaton on Instagram to check it out.
Don't have Instagram? I will do my best to update this blog post throughout the day! Check back every couple of hours!

What is The Blog Baton? what Mason Like The Jar has to say about it!

"At the beginning of the summer, I was introduced to RDU Baton, an Instagram account for Raleigh, NC and the surrounding areas. Every day, a different resident "holds the baton" and Instagrams their life in and around Raleigh via the RDU Baton account. I thought it was the most brilliant idea as well as a fantastic way to learn new things about this ever-changing city. I held the baton two weeks ago, and you can check out my recap here.

Not only have I enjoyed following the Instagram account and learning about how other people spend their time in the city I've called home for almost 25 years, but it also sparked an idea: What if there was a Blog Baton?"

So folks, today you get to see a little glimpse of my life in the land of the pine, North Carolina! 

8:16am- Research Triangle Park, North Carolina
Good Morning! My name is Kara and I blog over at The Simple Life Blog! I currently live and work around Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. Today is my co-worker/friend's birthday! I've been sneaking around her cubicle this morning to make this happen. Can't wait to spend the rest of the day with y'all!! @mskarabelle |
11:03am- Pittsboro Feed (May 9, 2014)
Meet my first true love Peyton Holland! He proposed to me just a few weeks ago on May 9 at my family's feed store! We are getting married in 57 days! Read all about the proposal on the blog. |@mskarabelle | Have any married life advice for us?
2:23pm- Cheminova, Research Triangle Park
I am the commercial coordinator at Cheminova, a company that develops, produces, and sells crop protection products. Some days I'm in the field, other days I'm approving labels. Today, I'm filling in for our secretary. An order of bread pudding just came in!