May 29, 2014

proposal story: part I

A couple of weeks ago I showed you this picture and promised to tell you the story of how my first true love asked me to be his wife.

And folks, that day happens to be today, as we celebrate life as an engaged couple.  It's so hard for me to believe that almost three weeks have already passed.  This period of engagement is so really has been quite enjoyable for both of us and we cannot wait to enjoy the rest of our engagement until we get married in July.

JULY?!?! Yes, you heard me right...but that's another story for another day.
Let's get into the good stuff...the story that every woman wants to hear (and secretly every man...come on men, you can't fool me. You love it just as much as women do).  

Anyways, the story begins on Thursday night when I notice that there is a little something off about Peyton.  He looks a little sad and tired with a tad bit of naturally I asked him what was wrong and he proceeds to tell me this.

"I had dinner plans for us tomorrow night but we are going to have to cancel them because Adobe has requested to have a meeting with me in Greensboro at 4:45pm on Friday afternoon.  I'm so sorry...I was really looking forward to taking you out somewhere nice. "

To which I responded, "It's okay, I didn't know you had planned to surprise me, so it's not an issue, but lets still eat together when you get back."  A smile went back on his face and all was well again.

Well, Friday rolls around, I spend the day at work, go for a run, shower, then catch up on Grey's Anatomy and house work. Peyton calls me on the way to my place and apologizes for the long wait (it was 8:30pm).  So, we hop in the car and start riding down to Pittsboro.  I was curious as to why we were riding so far when I live within walking distance of several restaurants...he replied that he had coordinated special dinner plans with a buddy of his. Immediately my mind was at peace again because one of our friends manages S&Ts soda shoppe in town. TJ was probably going to take care of us with a nice supper.

Well, when we got to downtown Pittsboro, he asked me to close my eyes and weaved me through some of the back streets.  I had a general idea of where we were, but then felt completely lost towards the end of our drive.  Soon, he put the truck in park and told me to wait.  I heard the sound of a gate opening which I immediately recognized.  That gate, was the gate to our feed store, one that I had opened way too many times to not know.  We pulled through the gate and I immediately felt lost again...maybe we weren't at the feed store.

When the truck was parked again, Peyton handed me this card.

How the heck did I not remember it was the anniversary of us meeting?!? I am so good with did I let this one slip? I was immediately impressed and couldn't believe that he remembered all of the little details. Finally, he opened the door to the truck, I stepped out, opened my eyes and...

Be sure to come back next week for part two!