April 1, 2014

the southern doughnut.

I know...I know. The picture below is not a box of doughnuts, but here in the south, biscuits are definitely more popular, especially a BoBerry biscuit from Bojangles.

Now for my northern folks...you are probably wondering what the heck a BoBerry Biscuit is...let me explain.  It is a southern style biscuit filled with little pieces of berries, then drizzled with icing.  So, in other words, this could very easily be the southern doughnut. Bojangles is a fried chicken and biscuit fast food joint...due to the fact that you live in the frozen tundra of the north, it's a shame you can't experience this southern goodness. Guess what? That just means you need to make a visit to the great state of North Carolina.   

One of my favorite traditions every year is the heart- shaped biscuit that Bojangles does on Valentine's Day. We happened to have a snowy morning that day, so on my way to work, I decided that everyone in the office could use a little BoBerry love to warm their heart!

Let's just say I was the most popular girl in the office that day.

Another item checked off my 101 in 1001 list.
98. Take in doughnuts for my colleagues DONE! (02/14/14)