April 24, 2014

sunsets and the |year of grace|

The feelings I got last night when I stood in front of this sunset were feelings that I don't know how to explain but are feelings that I so badly want to remember. 


I don't think grace is a feeling, but it's the word I chose for 2014 and it's the feeling I have been wanting to so desperately find.  When I chose grace as my word for 2014 I wanted to live it, but I also wanted to feel it.  I didn't really know what it felt like; I had never taken the time to focus on what grace was...how it made me feel, how it would change my life.

Last night I felt grace. 

I felt undeserving kindness overwhelm my heart and soul.  I saw the simple elegance of life and felt His blessings just fall upon me.  I am so blessed, simply just overflowing with happiness in my life right now. I have spent my whole life looking for grace, trying to feel it, trying to share it.

And last night...He reminded me of it in a sunset.