January 2, 2014

wine tasting, the biltmore estate, & a mountain weekend.

My friends Lauren and Alex got married last year on December 29th in Louisiana and I was blessed to watch them say their vows to each other as a bridesmaid.  This year, they were traveling to North Carolina for Christmas and were going to be here to celebrate their one year anniversary.  They asked a couple of us bridesmaids and groomsmen to get together and celebrate it with them in the mountains of North Carolina!

So, over the weekend, five of us rented a cabin in Bryson City and enjoyed our time together.  On Friday night there was lots of catching up, playing pool, and laughing about some of our memories together.  Our cabin was really quite precious...it was a three story A-frame, fully furnished, and in the middle of nowhere.  Don't believe me? Check it out... I stayed in the loft...so the very top of the house.  I climbed a ladder to get up and down every day. The hill we drove up each night was kind of nerve-racking, but all in all, it gave us some memories and lots to laugh about.

On Saturday, the other couple (Justin and Sarah) went skiing to celebrate their one year anniversary of dating, while Alex, Lauren, and I went out for a couple adventures. Lauren really wanted to go snow tubing, but we were having issues getting tickets ordered the night before.  So, we drove to the top of the Cataloochee ski resort to only find out that the tubing hill was at the bottom of the mountain.  After some frustration, we find all the tickets are sold out and decided to move onto more hopeful things.

We drove to Asheville and the first thing we spotted was Moe's.  Alex was whispering in the back seat that he wanted Moe's badly for lunch...so, the nice chauffeur that I was,kindly obliged and we enjoyed lunch at a restaurant they don't get to enjoy that often!

After lunch, we headed over to the Biltmore.  Alex had never been and Lauren didn't remember it from her childhood, so we spent the extra $10 to get the Candlelight tour.  If we would have been a few minutes later, we wouldn't have been able to get tickets.
 While at the Biltmore we enjoyed wine tasting, seeing the grounds, shopping, and touring the house.  We had a lot of fun spending some much needed time together.  I did feel badly for Alex though...he may or may not have felt like the 3rd wheel at times with our girly chatter!

Even though I don't have a picture of us wine tasting...I couldn't have chose a better girl to try some North Carolina wines with!

Another 101 in 1001 goal completed!

61. Go wine tasting DONE! (12/28/13)