January 6, 2014

ice cream is good for the heart, not for the thighs.

It's the truth...there are days in a woman's life when she is just a bit different. By different I mean, moody, clingy, hopeless, and sometimes, down right mean. Sometimes it's just a day...other times it's a week.  All depends on the woman...and sometimes, there is nothing that we can do about it. So, to the gentlemen in my life and to those that read this blog, if you made it this far...I thank you for putting up with my mess this week.  I know I was a terror.

Anyways, on Saturday I was experiencing one of these "different" days and probably wasn't the nicest or best representation of myself.  Actually, it would have probably been better for me to just stay out of public. Anyone else have those days?

Well, I had a few gift cards from Christmas, so in hopes of perking up this not so jolly spirit, I decided to take some time to myself.  I turned off my phone and just went shopping for me.  I bought a new shirt then thought about what else would make me happy...

Ice cream.

Ice cream always makes me happy and it seems to be my "go-to I'm in a funk" food. l had a Coldstone Creamery gift card that I was gifted from work and decided to buy myself a huge bowl of ice cream. So I did.
I promise you. I did not eat all of that in one sitting.  

My ice cream cost me about $5.  After seeing that huge bowl, I decided that my thighs didn't need another $10 worth of Coldstone cake batter ice cream with brownies, so I told the sweet girl at the cash register to keep my gift card and use it to pay for the next person that came in. She kindly obliged and I went to sit in my car.

Next thing you know, I see someone else that wants ice cream on a cold 30 degree evening walking into Coldstone and I was immediately intrigued. The best part about this, it was a pregnant woman and her husband.  I can only imagine how badly she was craving ice cream to want it on a cold night.

So, instead of paying for someone's coffee, I paid for a sweet couple's ice cream...and it made the rest of my day just a little bit better. Have you done a random act of kindness lately? If so, what was it?

92. Pay for someone's coffee DONE! (01/04/14)