January 9, 2014

DIY: the simple hair tie.

In North Carolina, all girls have to have a hair tie...not maybe have one...you MUST have one. The humidity is pretty evident here most of the year, so some days you just want that hot mess off your neck and out of your face.  My friend Amanda introduced me to these cute elastic hair ties she was buying at a boutique in Raleigh and I absolutely fell in love with them.  They don't leave a crease in your hair, which makes them absolutely perfect for work.  During the summer, Amanda and I were walking during our lunch. We wanted our hair up but when we finished, we still wanted to look professional in the office.  Hence, this became the perfect hair tie.

When I went to go purchase some myself, I couldn't believe the price of them.  I was paying somewhere between $1-2 per hair tie which is ridiculous in my opinion.  I understand people have to make a living...but goodness, I just couldn't justify paying that much for a hair tie that I might lose or leave somewhere.
DIY Creaseless Hair Tie Pile
After a lot of searching and finding this awesome tutorial on Pinterest by Life in the Green House, we knew we had to make them ourselves.  It was crazy how much cheaper we could make each hair tie! If you want a good detailed tutorial, I would check out hers.

Now, I understand why they are expensive...the elastic itself isn't too expensive, it's the time it takes to make the hair tie.  The elastic comes in rolls, so I had to cut 10" strips of elastic, tie the ends together, then singe it with a lighter so the ends wouldn't fray. It's a great "sit in front of the TV DIY" because it takes very little thought.  Now, I could show you step by step how to make these...but let's be honest, it's pretty simple. As much as I love taking pictures for this little blog, poor lighting and my small space can make it a little difficult after work. So, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask.  I can answer those!

The elastic comes in all different colors, patterns, and sparkles; it's so fun to be able to match my hair tie to my outfit.  They don't crease my hair and they look pretty on my wrist. I will be able to make a couple hundred for less than a dime. People, that's a steal.

Looking to buy the elastic to complete this tutorial?  I bought mine from HERE. Make sure you like them on facebook too...they are always running great specials with coupon codes!

Another 101 in 1001 goal completed...

51. Complete a project from Pinterest DONE! (01/08/13)

Have you ever used these crease-less hair ties?