January 21, 2014

celebrating an anniversary!

Cheminova, I have to say...you've been pretty good to me. 

One year ago today, I left the familiar to start something new. I remember waking up in the midst of boxes, putting on the new dress I bought for my first day, and leaving my parent's house bright and early. I started the morning with a leaking tire and ended it with a flat tire, but all in all, that first day was just a taste of all the adventures I would get to have with this amazing company.  

Check out some of the highlights:

+ I went through |17| states and crossed off |7| new ones
+ I went over the Mississippi River not once, but multiple times
+ I have met hundreds of people and have some amazing co-workers!
+ I have learned sales and marketing skills and have perfected the art of a good telephone conversation.
+ I have had many laughs with our sales team and customers

I visited West Monroe, Louisiana and pitt-stopped at Duck Commander, home of Duck Dynasty. I also got to see two of my best friends while visiting! On this trip I went over the Mississippi River multiple times and crossed off Arkansas, Missouri, and Mississippi off my list!
Kara visiting Duck Commander in West Monroe, LA
I looked at hundreds of pistachio, almond, and walnut trees in California.  I learned to always carry a ball cap, another set of clothes, baby wipes, and to always wear khaki pants (it's much much cooler, trust me!) I saw parts of agriculture that I have never seen before!

Kara visiting a pistachio orchard
ate more than my fair share of nectarines straight out of the field. There is nothing better than a ripe nectarine after a long, hard day at work. I probably ate a few too many apples too...but hey, an apple (or two or three) a day keeps the doctor away!

Kara got to eat several nectarines straight out of the field!
I saw the first Starbucks location, Century Link Field (home of the Seattle Seahawks), and Pike Place Market! I drank lots of good coffee, saw some of the most beautiful wineries, and realized that is doesn't always rain in Seattle.

Kara got to visit Pike Place Market
I rode to the top of the Space Needle in Seattle and saw some of the most beautiful views of a city that I have ever seen.  

Kara and the view from the Space Needle in Seattle, WA.
The nighttime view of Seattle from the Space Needle
I jumped out on a limp (literally) and zip-lined near the Hood River in Washington.  Thank goodness I was harnessed in because I had to bond closely with over 20 of my risk taking co-workers!

Kara got to Zip Line near the Hood River
Over this past year I have been blessed to see places that I have always dreamed of seeing. Being able to work with our customers, growers, and sales managers in these locations has taught me that agriculture is vastly different everywhere, just as people are. People have taught me so many new things...and the best part is that I am still learning something new each and every day. Nothing in this world is perfect, including our crops and our land.  It is plagued with diseases and harmful insects and it makes my day knowing that some of our products are helping feed this world that we live in. 

Kara was working with diseased apples
I love my career...there is no doubt about it.  I wake up excited because I love to do what I do. Taking care of 12 sales managers all across the country is a daunting task, but it is a challenge that I love taking every day.  They make me a better person and challenge me to new heights. We work as a team and love each other like family...and nothing will be able to take that away from us.

So, Cheminova, thank you for taking a risk on me...for taking an inexperienced college student and former agriculture teacher and introducing her to a world full of opportunity. I am blessed to be part of this ever-growing industry!