December 11, 2013

Recap: 2013

As I was driving home from my parent's the other night, I was thinking about how fast 2013 has gone by and all that I have done.  I remembered writing 13 goals for 2013 here and thought I would revisit them to remind myself that I did accomplish something...actually, a lot of things.  

13. Be happy with who I am...
+ My stress levels, my acne, and my overall happiness with myself has greatly improved over the course of the year.

12. Send a letter to a friend in need (X 13)
+ I have started sending postcards everywhere I travel. In other words, I have sent at least 30 cards to those that could use a little encouragement! I even have a pen-pal now...Tabitha over at Wandering Java Lover.

11. Be content. LET GOD
+ I took some balloons and released them.  I prayed and let go of a lot of things I was holding on to.

10. Start Fresh
+ Every day I started new and tried to not let the previous day ruin what I had in store for the next.  I tried new things and enjoyed my mornings in nature.

9. Step away from technology
+ I have gotten involved with church and have spent time developing relationships with people in my community.

8.Spend more time with the Lord.
+ I have been working through some devotional books and reading She Reads Truth.

7. Be a better girlfriend
+ I went through a breakup in June, so here lately, it's just been me.

6. Exercise
+ I am loving my fitbit and have enjoyed running a couple 5Ks this year!

5. Learn
+ I am working on my Certified Crop Advisor Certification, and I am learning so much through traveling with Cheminova.

4. Stay in touch and make new friends
+ I have had a lot of fun traveling across the state, meeting new friends, and keeping up with my old ones.

3. Blog
+ I have started blogging more and conversing with other bloggers on a regular basis.  I loved the meet-up I attended this year!

2. When life gets dull, go and do.
+ I took my dad to his first college football game (Go Pack!), ate a lot of ice cream, and tried out some new restaurants.  

1. Love for Life
+ I feel most fulfilled serving others...something that God has called me to do the last few months of this year.  I love life and the people in this world.  Life is beautiful.

Did you accomplish the goals you wanted to achieve this year?