December 5, 2013

high five for friday.

This week. Man, it's been a fun one... 

Here are my top 5 for the week (see if you can match the pictures with my captions below...because it is 11:40pm and I am in the mood to write, but my organization isn't at its best. Bear with me!)
1. My mother is hilarious...actually, last Saturday, I think she was delusional.  She had been lacking sleep, but our feed store was extremely busy with people purchasing Christmas trees, so we all had to be there.  My sister asked her to order dinner, but we had a ton of Mexican leftovers from earlier that day.  Arrows conpolio?  Ummm, I'm pretty sure we aren't using arrows and there is a vaccine for polio. How about Arroz con Pollo next time? #facepalm

2. I left Sunday afternoon on a flight out to Seattle.  I was helping out at a horticulture trade show and it was a lot of fun.  I felt challenged and refreshed.  I love my job! Plus, I got to watch Russell Wilson (one of our former  NC State quarterbacks) play an AMAZING game!

3. Some of my family came into town for Thanksgiving and we went Black Thursday/Friday shopping.  My cousin Brittany was after the Magic Bullet...we went to Macy's and came back with an even better blender.  The Ninja.  Watch out world...

4. My dogs and my roommate's dog.  Whenever I go home, I just can't stop loving on these two.  It was especially cold one night this past weekend and they were both ready to come in...I thought it was funny, so I took a picture. I am sure they appreciated it. My roommate's dog Tyson has missed me. As I got ready on Thursday morning, he laid right in the middle of my stuff.  He's adorable and clean...and got a new Carolina blue collar.  He may just get a Wolfpack red one for Christmas, just to remind my roommate of her priorities.

5. On Thursday night, I had the opportunity to volunteer at the Jingle Ball in Raleigh.  It was my first time attending and I absolutely loved it!  I met some new friends, donated a John Deere tractor to put in the toy pile, and smiled all night long.  I promise, there will be a post about this!

How was your week?