December 26, 2013

Christmas 2013

My family is originally from Michigan, so, every year at Christmas we travel back to the frozen tundra to visit with friends and family.  Instead of me giving you every little ounce of information, I am just going to give you a nice collage and some of the highlights...okay?
+ We traveled for 5 days this year and flew back Christmas Day.  I love flying on Christmas Day...people are just so cheery and happy! When we returned our rental car, we noticed our shuttle was decorated for Christmas. On our way to the terminal we said "Awww! You decorated the shuttle for Christmas!" Our driver said, "Ladies and Gentlemen, this is not a shuttle. Today, it is a sleigh.  Merry Christmas!"

+ We went and visited our old feed store and the family that bought it. It brings back so many memories!

+ My mom and dad got to see some of their best friends. I tagged along and ruined their fun!

+ My cousin had pie for dessert after dinner...the question it really there? Check out all that whipped cream and ice cream!

+ We were out of power for a couple days due to a bad ice storm, so my cousins and I made snowmen.  I hadn't made a snowman in about 10 years because the snow is never wet enough to be packed into snowballs.  We may or may not have had a snowball fight!

+ I took many pictures of reindeer antlers on cars for my friend Olivia.  She hates them!  My dad even helped me create a hashtag... #projectantler

+ Our family tradition on my Mom's side of the family is to eat, then play games the rest of the evening.  Farkle was a huge hit!

+ Clyde the Elf has been visiting my cousins this year.  Clyde has dated all the Barbies this Christmas and has broken their hearts...the Barbies had it out for him and it resulted in them taping him to the wall and holding hands in opposition to him.

+ I mailed my first set of Christmas cards. Check out the post HERE!

+ My brother made some girly looking drink and my uncle revoked his man-card.

+ I found some old games that my grandparents had in a drawer. My cousins and I used to play them all the time when we were younger.  Does anyone remember PERFECTION?

+ My grandpa made a special chair next to the wood stove in the basement for my mom. We also stacked a lot of wood for my grandpa!

+ I ate pie. Lots of pie.

+ Along with the pie, I drank local apple cider. Lots of apple cider. It's my favorite!

+ The ice storm we had was crazy dangerous...but so beautiful!

+ We took a sibling picture near my snowman, at my grandpa's house, in the middle of snow flurries.  We got a white Christmas!

+ We flew home and played with Rosie, my mom's new daughter.  Rosie is a robotic vacuum my mom got for Christmas!  She is named after the character on the Jetsons!

What did y'all do for Christmas?