November 26, 2013

Twin Pines Nursery: a Christmas Tradition

During my sophomore year at North Carolina State University, I had the opportunity to meet one of my best friends...Olivia.  Olivia and her family own and operate a choose and cut Christmas tree farm named Twin Pines Nursery.  The farm has been in her family for 30+ years and to this day, growing Christmas trees is a priority year round. So, when the rest of us are sun-bathing in our swimsuits, Olivia and her family are making sure that their Christmas trees are in tip-top shape. 
Starting my senior year of college, I began the tradition of traveling 4 hours to Twin Pine Nursery to help her family out on the Christmas tree farm.  When we were in school, we would have a blast riding up and down the mountain sharing stories and laughing about the latest news.  We would eat bags of gummy worms and drink way too much coffee.  It was fun then and is now a tradition that I hope to never give up. It's been a lot of fun for the both of us (at least I think). 

Olivia's family grows only the best trees in the nation, a North Carolina Fraser Fir.  The Fraser Fir is a small evergreen tree that is perfect for Christmas tree use.  It is has a wonderful fragrance, has a beautiful shape, and strong limbs to hold up the heaviest of ornaments.  One of the best parts of a Fraser Fir is how soft the needles are. The needles stay on and soft through January. That's unheard of with most other trees! The Fraser Fir has also been used more times as the official Christmas tree of the White House than any others.
This past weekend I had the opportunity to help on the tree farm for the third year in a row. It was super cold (28 degrees) and is definitely shown by all of the clothing I had layered on.  Despite the cold, Olivia's family Christmas tree farm holds special memories in my heart, but also in the hearts of those that visit each year.  I love listening to people that come back year after year and tell their stories. Some people were engaged in the tree field while others have been taking pictures in front of their tree every year.  

Are you looking for a place in North Carolina to get a REAL Christmas tree?  Are you looking for a fun weekend trip to the mountains? Olivia's family will cut your tree for you, bale it, and tie it on top of your car! 

Here is their information if you are interested:
87 Twin Pines Ln
Pineola, NC 28662

Check them out on Facebook too! 

Here are my pictures from the past 3 years (left; 2011) (right-top; 2012) (right-bottom; 2013)