November 23, 2013

the big smile.

Lately, life has been a whirlwind...but you know what...I am having fun and sometimes that's all that matters. I have been spending time with friends, going to basketball games, drinking late night coffees, and laughing until I cry.  

Earlier this week, I was pulling out Christmas decorations from my closet when I stumbled across a picture of me as a little girl.  I immediately started giggling at myself because there are so many pictures of myself as "grown-up" that have this same exact face...the big smile

.I often wonder where this smile came from...because still to this day it is my go-to camera ready goofy face.  I'm good at it...and in these moments I was truly a happy girl. The holidays always bring good memories and I am sure that this smile will appear again and again in a couple of photos. Maybe I will even pull it off in a serious family photo to make my mom upset...'s just good to know that I am still a kid at heart.