November 8, 2013

NC blogger buzz & airport adventures.

Last Friday I had the awesome opportunity to attend a North Carolina Blogger Buzz event put on by Ashley and Angela!  I had been wanting to attend one of these events for quite some time now, but had been unable to make it work with my schedule.  

It decided to pour rain the whole afternoon and evening of the event, but despite the rain, all of these ladies looked wonderful and beautiful as always! It was so nice to finally meet some of the writers behind the blogs...but, I also got to meet some new bloggers! Chelsea spoke about blogging and life balance...which was a perfect topic to discuss.  In the midst of her discussing balancing her family time and blogging, I dashed out to the airport to pick up my sister Katherine (the reason why I am not pictured below).

I didn't want to leave early, but I have also wanted to pick someone up from the airport while holding a sign.  It is one of my 101 in 1001 goals and I thought it would be super special since I told my sister I couldn't pick her up due to the blogger event (sneaky sneaky...insert giggles here). It was also my sister's very first flight by herself.  She was in Louisville, KY for the National FFA Convention and had to fly back early for an event at school.

I thought it would be fun...and it was!  While I was there, I met the first airport beggar (kind was a sociology student looking for miles to Mexico), Fred Shropshire- an ABC 11 news anchor, and my parents.  

I was so proud of my sister this past has been a lot of fun seeing her enjoy the FFA as much as I did. She met lots of new people and reconnected with people that she met at Washington Leadership Conference in DC.  She's growing up too fast; I remember when she was born! Do you ever feel like your siblings are growing up too fast? Have you ever picked someone up from the airport with a sign?