November 24, 2013

it's that time of year!

I know it isn't Thanksgiving yet, but I have started getting all of my Christmas cards ready!  This will be my first year sending out Christmas cards to friends and family and I am really excited about it. Growing up, everyone in my family would fight over who would get the mail because of all the wonderful letters and cards we would find in the mailbox.  It was always fun seeing new pictures and reading about all that is happening in people's lives.  I feel like getting a handwritten Christmas card is almost non-existent with my generation, so I thought it would be fun to keep it going!

Many of you spend time reading my blog and don't know how much I appreciate it.  I continue to write because I love it and this blogging community has provided me with so many fun opportunities to make new friends.  That's right...many of you have become people that I communicate with weekly and I would love to send you a Christmas card this year!

If you click on the link below and fill out the form, I will send you a Christmas card. 


and on a more serious note....


*P.S. I promise not to share your information with anyone!!