November 21, 2013

cara box reveal: fall 2013

These past few months I have had the opportunity to get to know two wonderful bloggers through the cara box match up... Justine from Sleepy Single Girl and Kate at Crazy Lovely Me.  I always have such a wonderful time getting to know new girls that love to blog just as much as I do.

I sent Justine her cara box and you can check it out HERE. I had so much fun putting her box together since the theme was "Fall" into the Season.  Justine has such an interesting background and is one of the strongest, most upbeat girls I know.  I connected with her on many topics, but what made the connection really cool is that her boyfriend used to play for the Michigan State Spartans.  It's always fun to meet girls that love football, but can also be girly at the same time!

Kate sent me my cara box and I absolutely fell in love with it.  Earlier this week, two weeks ago, my roommate was telling me that it was way too early to decorate for Christmas because we hadn't had Thanksgiving yet.  Thanks to Kate, only the Christmas window candles came out and I got to decorate with all of this wonderful fall decor!

There are so many things that I loved about this cara box.  The mulled cider candle is almost gone since I have burned it so much...the cute paper banner is hanging up in our living room, and the magnets are on the fridge.  She also included some caramel apple Jones soda...its was pretty good!  
I love this cara box exchange and cannot wait until December to get paired up with two new girls and continue the friendships with those I was able to meet this fall!

Cara Box