November 9, 2013

30- new tires for my car

I have completed another 101 in 1001 goal!

30. new tires for my car- DONE! (10/17/13)

I have been needing new tires on my lil' red for quite a while now.  But for those of you that own a vehicle know just how expensive they, in other words, it's not a purchase that isn't taken very lightly.  

I have been saving up a little while because I knew that I was going to need them before winter. Not that we get a lot of snow here in North Carolina...but we do gets lots of rain and some freezing temps.  My car would have been in the ditch without new tires.  

This whole being a grown-up and having to pay for expensive stuff is exhausting but rewarding. I kinda like knowing that I worked hard to pay for something so important!