October 9, 2013

what does a balloon mean to you?

I have been thinking about balloons a lot lately...pictures of them have been floating around in my head (no pun intended). Pictures of colorful balloons across a beautiful gray sky have been making me think about life. Strange...I know, but just read a little bit more.

After attending church on Sunday I have really been thinking about Christ dying on the cross for the world's sin.  Never have I been more thankful for Christ's death on the cross for my sins. He could have just told the world "I have forgiven your sins" from heaven, but instead He became a human so we could SEE Him take our sin away.  

We saw Him suffer through it...we saw the nails in his hands
we read about the pain and suffering He went through for us.  

He died and gave us a physical representation of it.

Back to the balloons...balloons to me have been a physical sign of prayer, a physical sign of healing for me.  I went out and bought several colorful balloons today during my lunch and wrote my prayers on them today.  I know that God can hear my thoughts and listens to them daily, but this physical representation of releasing balloons to the sky was for me.  It came with tears, it came with hurt, but with it came healing of the heart, soul, and mind. These balloons put a smile on my face. The colors made me happy and releasing my feelings to the heavens made me feel so much better.

Balloons are for celebrations...and today is a celebration.  There is peace in my heart.