October 14, 2013

it's boss's day...did you remember?

Wednesday, October 16, 2013 is Boss's Day...so don't freak out yet, you still have this afternoon to put together a little something for him or her!

Do you need some help deciding what you should do for him or her? Here are a couple cheap simple ideas.

+Bag of their favorite candy bars

+A bouquet of flowers (get a cheap vase from the dollar store and a $5 bouquet from Trader Joes, the grocery store, or your local farmers market)

+Bag of homemade cookies

+Take them out to lunch

+Bring breakfast to work

+New coffee mug with some coffee cookies inside


+A couple caramel apples

+Chocolate covered pretzels

+and as always....a sweet HANDWRITTEN card :)

My boss is honestly the best and I couldn't have picked someone better to teach me more than he has! I wanted to do a little something special for him, so I made the little goody bag above. The bag has some trail mix and his favorite candy bars.  I found the perfect card and added my own note thanking him for all he does.  

How will you be celebrating Boss's Day?