October 25, 2013

high five for friday.

It's Friday! It's Friday! It's Friday!

This week has been kinda crazy for this little lady here..so let's get started with the top five.

1.  I was able to head out to the state fair with one of my good friends from college.  My friend Jonathan invited me to join along with him one late Sunday afternoon.  You can read all about that here.  I also got to go on Monday evening after work with my good friend Megan! She happens to be expecting her first child, so we indulged in all things bad in honor of that little baby :)

2. I went to see Chris Tomlin on Sunday night and absolutely loved it.  It had a great time worshipping with two of my favorite girls and loved every minute dancing to God's Great Dance Floor.

3. This hat...must be off the Mario Brothers video game.  One of the sales reps that visits our store brought this in last week and it has been a source of all jokes.  Apparently, the little flaps that come down on the sides are supposed to keep your ears warm.  I'm not so sure about all of that...but it is a funny hat none-the-less.

4. These fireworks have been going off at the state fair every night.  They start at 9:45pm and are loud.  The first time I heard them, I thought they were gunshots in my apartment complex.  Nope, just the fireworks.  I wish I could see them too!

5.  I got to go to the Joe Nichols concert with my friend Jonathan.  It was such a great time singing all of his old and new songs.  I am so glad that we got to spend that time catching up on life and laughing about the good ol' college days!

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