October 11, 2013

high five for friday.

Most of these pictures are from last week when I was on my trip out to Oregon and Washington.  I was flying all day Friday, so I didn't get a chance to write a High Five for Friday post. I was really excited and energized from my week out west and am excited to tell you about it this week!

1. When you order black bean chili, you get a whole lotta black beans with a little bit of chili.  Needless to say, I was full and a little bit more regulated than usual.  Since I work with almost all men, I became the brunt of all "farting" jokes. Any time there was an awkward smell or noise during the meeting, about 4 guys would look over to me and smile. Let's just say there was lots of laughter and I smelled like a rose!

2. I am officially my brother's favorite sister in the whole wide world. He called me yesterday and begged me to pick up this golf bag for him from a course near my office.  Of course I wanted to be the favorite sister, so I kindly obliged (good luck Katherine!)

3. I was able to go zip-lining for the first time. A group of us went out and bonded while swinging through the trees.  At first I was nervous, but after my first zip through the forest, I was ready to go.  What a fun activity...I hope I can go again sometime soon!

4. This view. I was lucky enough to look at this beautiful scene several times a day. The lodge had a wonderful fireplace with a couple rocking chairs. So, I sat my little hiney in front of the fire, drank some hot cocoa, and watched the Columbia River Gorge any chance I could get.

5. How can I go a week without adding a picture of this cute little one wanting to play with me?