October 27, 2013

DIY: the Cotton Wreath

If you have been reading this blog for a while, I have no doubt that you know agriculture is in my blood and always has been. After spending many hours on the road in North Carolina, one of my favorite crops to watch grow is cotton.  Cotton has played such a huge role in North Carolina agriculture.  During the roaring 20's, cotton was King in North Carolina, and in 1926, cotton acres reached an all time high of 1.8 million acres.  Y'all...that's a lot of blue jeans, t-shirts, and tighty-whities.  

Anyways, we moved offices last week and I was looking for unique ways to display local agriculture in my office.  After a few phone calls, I had a couple of our sales managers scouting fields for some cotton so I could make this beautiful wreath.  

Interested in making one? 

You need...
+ One grapevine wreath (any size)
+ One spool of burlap ribbon
+ Floral wire (2 pieces)
+ Hot glue gun & glue
+ Local cotton bolls (cotton bolls are what are left after the flower dies. they look like tiny footballs and are what split apart to and showcase the "southern snow")
Make your burlap bow first and use 1 piece of floral wire to tie it onto the wreath.  Once you have tied it onto the wreath, start hot gluing the pieces of cotton onto the wreath.  Press down for a few seconds to make sure the cotton gets a good hold onto the wreath.  Be careful...don't burn your fingers!
Once you have finished gluing cotton all around the wreath, take your second piece of floral wire and loop it through some of the vines on the top and twist it together.  This is what will be used to hang your wreath! I hope you enjoy making your own and supporting agriculture...Happy Fall!