October 13, 2013

a trip to ikea and a toilet brush.

My mom and I have been wanting to go to Ikea for a while now...so last week we started talking about taking Saturday and going out to Charlotte, North Carolina for a little weekend trip. My dad wanted to tag along and check out what the hype was all about...and eat a plate of those delightful little Swedish meatballs.

So we got in the car and went...

Sometimes I wish I lived a little closer to an Ikea because it is super fun to look around, but my wallet is extremely thankful that I don't.  Such a fun place with any home furnishing you can think of. My mom had visited Ikea in Michigan, but my dad hadn't and I couldn't remember if I went when I was younger.

The place is shaped like a maze, so the arrows are projected onto the floor to help guide you through to the end.  

After we finished our shopping, we wandered up to the Ikea restaurant to use our $2 off coupons on a couple of meatball plates. They were good meatballs, but my dad and I didn't think that they were awesome.  If you have had their meatballs before, why did you think they were so great? I did love that ligonberry jam though...that stuff made the meatballs really good! My mom got some salmon lasagna...I had never heard of salmon lasagna before this trip!

So, after wandering through 356,000 square feet of nothing but fun, cute, practical things for my home, I came home with this... a $.99 toilet brush. And folks, that's my Ikea experience for you.