September 3, 2013

where we were...and where we are now.

My brother posted this picture on Instagram this morning and after I saw it, lots of memories came flooding back.  Yesterday, while my mom, dad, and I were cleaning out the garage, my mom found our old Highland Feed sign and wanted to hang it up. I guess my brother saw it this morning and took a picture of it...and I am so glad that he did.

See, these two stores make up a majority of my life.  Not too many years after I was born, my parents decided they wanted to start a feed business. Both of my parents have always worked in the animal feed industry and as I watch them each day, I can honestly say that they love their jobs.  My parents work together every day...through good times and bad...and have made these two businesses the best that they can be.

Photo taken by Houston Photography
Highland Feed is where I grew's where my parents put countless hours, buckets of sweat, and love into something that they wanted to achieve in life.  It is where I learned my spelling words, was dared to eat dog biscuits, and played some of the best games of hide and go seek. This store taught me the value of the hard-earned dollar and a genuine work ethic.  It's where I learned to respect people and developed a love for agriculture.

Photo taken by Houston Photography
Photo taken by Houston Photography

Pittsboro Feed taught me to live life a little bit more slowly and to value family more than anything else in this world.  It is where I picked up a southern accent, learned that a "bitty" is just a baby chick, and that the feed business is in my blood.  It's where I learned about relationships, laughed at the silly things, and learned that a little bit of sweat doesn't mean you can stop working.    

Growing up, so many people would say that I had "the best life ever" and I really never understood why...but now I do. I have got the most dedicated parents, two crazy siblings, and a family business that makes our family story just a little bit different than everyone else's. And I wouldn't change it for anything.

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