September 16, 2013

66- the electric run.

I have completed another 101 in 1001 goal!!!

66. Run a 5k- DONE (9/13/13)

I am not in love with running...never have been, never will be, but these fun races aren't too bad. Ever since running in the Color Mania 5k with my friend Amanda, I knew I wanted to run another. My sister Katherine and our friend Genia really wanted to run the electric run and I am so glad that they encouraged me to!
The Electric Run supported Special Olympics, something that became near and dear to my heart when I was studying to become a teacher.  Races can get expensive, but when you are doing it for charity, it is always a rewarding experience.  If the Electric Run is coming to a city near you...I highly recommend it!  

The race was so energizing, so exciting, and so fun!  Definitely go with a group of friends, buy way too many glow sticks at the dollar store, and take lots of pictures! I would run it again tomorrow if I could!