September 16, 2013

relivable moments.

There are three distinct moments in my life that I would love to relive...and every single one of them revolves around agriculture, family, and the organizations that influenced me growing up.  

While my family was in Michigan, we were extremely involved in 4-H and the Oakland County 4-H Fair.  I was an active member of the livestock club and met so many friends that I still love today.  We would wake up early and go to bed late having some of the best times our lives. I started 4-H at the age of 9 with two goats.  After that, I decided to show goats, cattle, hogs, and chickens. Most of my life was spent with my animals and I was completely okay with that.  Winning ribbons and grand champion banners was fun, but the memories and lessons learned are some that I cherish near to my heart every day.  

One of the most traumatizing moments in my life (or so I thought) was my parents picking our family up and moving south.  I was only 15 at the time and had just finished my freshman year of high school; I was losing my friends, my 4-H club, and my many memories at the Oakland County 4-H Fair. All in all, it was one of the best decisions my parents had ever made.  I found my niche' in the FFA, ran for state office my freshman year of college, and was elected to serve the 17,500 members in North Carolina.  I gained a new family, developed new friendships, and put over 40,000 miles on my car traveling North Carolina.  I would do it again in a heartbeat!

Last but not least, I was given the opportunity to run for National FFA Office in 2010.  I went through a 3 day interview process that challenged my public speaking ability, presentation skills, and knowledge of the agriculture industry. Even though I wasn't elected, God led me to meet a man that I love dearly and ended up dating for a few years.  I got some of the best advice, met some of my best friends, and felt even more inspired to be a leader in an organization that I loved so much. 

As you can see, agriculture has always been and always will be a large part of my life.  It has molded me into the person that I am and the person that I can be.  It has taught me the value of hard work and a love for the earth.  It has given me some of my most precious memories and has made me love family more than I could ever imagine. Thinking back and reliving these moments make me smile...and it makes me fall in love with my life all over again.