September 26, 2013

my words are my biggest mistake.

I'm not perfect and over these 23+ years in life I have realized that nobody is...we all make mistakes that hurt ourselves and those in our lives.  We hurt the people that love us most and are hurt by those same exact people.  Sometimes it is just by our words and other times it is by our actions. We have all hurt. We all know what it feels like. We all know those mistakes we have made and won't ever forget.

My words hurt.  As much as I love expressing them through writing and speaking...every once in a while, my words sting.  They pierce the hearts and souls of those that I love.  My words weigh me down after I have realized what I said.  My words hurt those around me.  

Once something leaves your lips you can't take it can apologize...but you can't ever take it back.  Your words can lift someone up one minute and take them down the next. I believe words are one of the most powerful tools of the heart, mind, and body.  

My words have bruised more hearts than I can count on my fingertips. Not many of us have the intention to hurt those that we love...we don't mean to...but sometimes mistakes happen and we let those little words do more harm than good. 

I want to do better. I try to do better...and sometimes all I can do is hope those that I love take the time to forgive me for the hurt that I have put on their hearts.  Every day I just pray to the Lord to heal my heart and make my words of service to Him. We all make mistakes; it's up to us to forgive, forget, and become a stronger person because of them.