September 22, 2013

making that dollar bill y'all.

70- Write out a budget and stick to it- DONE (09/22/13)

I made a budget!

The above is obviously not my real budget...$40.00 car payment...say what?!?! I wish!

Making a budget is much more difficult than I thought, but it was a much needed aspect of my life.  When I was teaching and receiving one paycheck a month, I saw my money come in and go out in a period of about 4 days. It was easy to mentally track where my money went and I never spent anything extra!  I lived in the boondocks...the closest Target and Starbucks was at least an hour away, so my money stayed right in my bank account.  Now, I am receiving two paychecks a month and really struggle keeping track of where my money is going.  

So, as part of my 101 in 1001 goals, I wanted to make a budget. I saw Molly Stillman's at Still Being [Molly] and loved it!  I wanted to alter a few things, so I made my own that has the same idea as hers with just a few extras. I also wanted to use my excel skills (from work!) to develop something for myself.  Now, I just really need to concentrate on saving all my receipts so I can track my actual expenses!

In order to effectively track my expenses on the road and at home, I have been using google docs to help! Now I can access it from just about anywhere!

How do you track your expenses?