September 7, 2013

just a simple dog.

Dogs are just so happy.  These two spent a good portion of Saturday night sleeping on the couch while I watched my North Carolina State Wolfpack play...and it was wonderful. I wanted to watch the game out, but the game wasn't televised anywhere, so home was my best option. As much as I wanted to go out and celebrate with my fellow Wolfpack, home was good with these two.  

Something about these dogs can automatically bring a smile to my face.  They greet me at the door and want all the attention I can give them.  They curl up on the couch and enjoy the game with me and that's just heart warming. 

Lately, life has been interesting and I have been thinking a lot about it.  You know what...people don't tell you how hard your 20's are.  People expect so much out of you...and sometimes that can be stressful. Friends and family encourage you to choose a major that you may or may not pursue a career in.  People ask if you are dating someone or if you are getting married anytime soon. You are expected to succeed in your dream career immediately and make plenty of money. Guess what...some of that happens, some of it doesn't.

The reality is what you choose to study in college probably won't be the career field you end up working in.  You will find someone you love and a breakup or two will happen.  You will probably start in a job that isn't where you thought you'd be and that "big girl paycheck" provides just enough to live paycheck to paycheck.

That's the reality...because some of those things happened to me.  

But, that's the beauty of life. Just when you think the going gets tough, it gets better and it challenges you to be a stronger person. It opens doors and allows you to make decisions to make you a better you.There are going to be days that you just want to run away and hide from it all, but there are also going to be days that instead of taking 20 steps back, you are taking 20 forward. I've realized it's all about perspective and finding those that want to take the ride with you...and sometimes, it just takes a simple dog for you to smile and make your life just a little bit better than it already is :)