September 27, 2013

coffee thoughts.

I am not the biggest fan of sitting in coffee shops and working, so this blog post is coming from my usual place of blogging. But, I did go get my favorite drink from Starbucks, then indulged myself in a wonderful, much needed haircut. My favorite drink is a soy chai...I love coffee, but coffee after 11:00am or so is never good for me if I want to go to sleep at a decent hour. I am super sensitive to caffeine, so I never drink much of it to begin with.  I have grown up as a decaf girl :)

Lots of things have been rolling through this little mind of mine here lately.  

Some happy. 

+My job is extremely satisfying and challenging right now.  I am even taking a class to learn how to become a certified crop advisor.

+My family is starting to plan our holiday travel.  Sounds like we may possibly be getting some northern visitors down here in the south for Thanksgiving!

+There is an North Carolina State football game this weekend.  There is also a Georgia game.  Go Pack! Go Dawgs!

+ I am traveling next week to the great state of Oregon!  I have never been there and cannot wait to cross it off my list of states visited!

+God and I have got a good thing going right now.

Some sad.

- Many of my friends are ready to settle down but are struggling to find someone.  

-The amount of food in my house is rather low. I am trying not to have too much before I travel so it doesn't get wasted.

- I am really struggling to find good TV shows that fulfill me.

- I miss my family and my dogs.

"Go to a coffee shop and order your favorite drink.  Write down what makes you happy. Write down what makes you sad."