September 6, 2013

high five for friday.

It's FRIDAY!  Recently, I have been loving Fridays.  Maybe because Friday night football is back...maybe because Friday is the day before the weekend...maybe because I have gotten to enjoy some time with close friends.  I don't know...but my Fridays have been some of the best these past few weeks! 

Here are my top 5.

1. The Griffon.  So, on our way to our conference in South Carolina we decided to take a little detour and go to Charleston for dinner.  While there enjoying the scenery, we found this little bar near the water that was COVERED in dollar bills. The entire inside of the bar had $1 bills people wrote on.  I loved it.

2. My dog Trixie (the yellowish) dog made my mom so happy this week...not.  This picture was sent to me by my mother after her 3rd bath in 2 days.  Guess what? This pup found a skunk! Needless to say...most of her hair is gone since it is the only way the smell would come out!

3. Let me tell has been so much fun to come home to this guy and his monkey.  It is great having someone excited to see you as soon as you walk in the door.

4. Milo/Sorghum is one of my new favorite crops. It is such a beautiful crop and is being found to have so many new uses in the agriculture world.  I really loved working with it this past week.

5. I love having a roommate. It has definitely been a highlight for the past few weeks!