August 24, 2013

for the beauty of the earth.

Finally...I am back to the blogging world!  Weeks that I travel for work are unfortunately weeks that make it really difficult to write on this blog.  This past week I was in Washington state driving around with one of our area sales managers and our supply chain VP.  Many hours were spent on a plane, in a truck, and walking around checking out the latest and greatest.  It is especially difficult to blog when I am on west coast because my work email tends to get backed up a little bit. So, instead of blogging, I spend that time getting caught up with work. After all, I love what I do and responding to emails is part of the job.

Whenever I travel, I learn more and more about the agriculture chemical industry, but I also learn a lot of life lessons.  The people that work for Cheminova have strong core values and many of them choose to treat me as a daughter or sister. Working in agriculture provides more than a provides a family and I am forever thankful for it.

Agriculture is a necessity.  We can't live without it, which is why I love it.  Those that choose this industry make it their lifestyle.  We immerse ourselves in it.  Most agriculturalists are up before sunrise and work until dusk.  We get our hands dirty, we live for the land, and are trying our hardest to feed the growing population. We don't do it for the glamour, we don't do it for the money, we do it for you...the consumer.

We get to see the beauty of God's creation every day...we are gifted with loving families that share this passion with us.  It's a lifestyle. It's a love. And it's easy to get immersed and forget about the rest of the world.  Take a moment and put away the technology and see the beauty of the earth. Trust is so easy to forget what this earth has to offer. Take your family with you...spend that time together and really lose yourself in nature's beauty.  I learned a lot about agriculture chemical sales this week, but I really developed relationships.  I fell in love with agriculture and it's core values again...and added a few to the family.