August 11, 2013

52- Developing an Organizational System

#52- Developing an Organizational System for My Paperwork- DONE (8/11/13)

I am moving in less than 2 weeks, so I thought it would be the perfect time to develop an organizational system for my paper work.  I think we all have piles of paperwork that needs a proper place, but most of the time we don't take the time to do anything with it besides pile it up on the counter.  

So...I spent part of my weekend getting it all organized and it looks great!

Here is my desk.  I don't have a chair yet and was going to wait until the move, but that little black box is my new organizational system.  

So this little black box is honestly the best.  I got it for about $10 from Target.  It came with folders, but I ended up purchasing some more folders to hold all of the papers that I have.  I am kind of a paper hoarder...guess that is the teacher in me.  I have gotten better though...I purged a bunch of papers this weekend!

Here is the completed box.

There is literally a folder for everything.  Loan paperwork, apartment stuff, insurance, health records, receipts, etc.  I am glad that I finally took the time to organize it...I feel so much better!  Now, I just need to keep it up! Do you have an organization method for all your paperwork?